The Three Key Areas

We are an independent and globally natural resources company focusing on the Far East markets. This vision reflects our commitment to supporting economic and social development in Asia.

Our integrated supply, storage and distribution model will enable us to respond to growing energy needs, while helping to reduce the environmental challenges.

Our strategy means further expanding our presence and in three key areas:

commodity sourcing

Commodity Sourcing

Establishing attractive off-take agreements with producers and suppliers and developing resources to secure the business for the long term.


We support both clients and business partners with a full range of services, from just-in-time delivery of raw materials to the entire organization of transport logistics.
storage & processing

Storage & Processing

We organize and manage the local storage of raw materials, as well as the compounding and loading of products. We are also responsible for the technical supervision of all the processes.

With our expert finance team and vast array of contacts in the banking world, we can help with inventory financing. We are able to offer a full-service package right up until you need the oil at the rack.


At Sugoi, we pride ourselves on being able to supply exactly what the client needs. In cases where the exact specification of the product is not readily available, we have the expertise through our network of agents and inspection companies to blend the product to meet every local specification.

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